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I wish I could say I have found another job and everything is great, but that is unfortunately not the case. I’m working as a temp until I can find a permanent full time job.

I did have an interview but the hiring manager “saw red flags” when I was unable to provide a current reference from either job I have had in the past (the one where I worked with the father of my child and the one I just quit) and only had a single reference for 12 years of work in the form of my now retired former manager.

The other victim, who was also working on security alongside Wilson, is described as being between 30 and 35, from Colombia.

At least five people - including two Canadians, an Italian, a Mexican and a Colombian - are dead after a shooting in a Mexican nightclub on the final night of the BPM music festival (aramedics attend an injured woman at the Blue Parrot nightclub)Pech said 15 people were injured, one seriously.

I appreciated your response and all of the kind responses in the comments, but there was no way I could work for her when the company had clearly sided with right her off the bat and when she still had it out for me after all this time.

According to Wikipedia: “Passive-aggressive behavior refers to passive, sometimes obstructionist resistance to following through with expectations in interpersonal or occupational situations.Three of the victims have been named as: Canadian-based security guard Kirk Wilson, Rafael Antonio Peñalosa Vega, 28, of Mexico and Daniel Pessina from Italy, according to reports from the Semanario Playa News.Pech said a lone gunman apparently entered the nightclub and began to exchange fire with another person inside.The women who engage in relationships with them have intense discussions about the relationship, telling them what they want/think/and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.He will say and act like he ‘gets’ what you’re saying so that the discussion can end and promises things that he will not deliver on and insists that he is different to what you claim.

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