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It is perhaps easier to sympathize with those who have, inadvertently, overwritten JAR files that are already in-use by a running JVM." and "It would have been nice if the jar & zip APIs had allowed for mutable zip files from day one.But at this point adding mutability to jar & zip files from Java(or rather, increasing the ease of mutating them) seems likely to introduce more hard-to-debug problems." $ jar tvf 0 Thu Jan 10 IST 2013 META-INF/ 68 Thu Jan 10 IST 2013 META-INF/MANIFEST.

Not sure I would recommend this for production software but for development it is quick and easy.The f option indicates that the JAR file to update is specified on the command line.jar-file is the existing JAR file that's to be updated.I have created Java Programme which is based on Swing-Servlet Communication.After it the Jar-File which contain the Swing Programme Class files put on Client Side swing-Files on Server side .

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