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Consider joining an online community for freelance journalists.It is a great way of gleaning useful tips, but use them wisely.The Associated Press is committed to fighting for access to information the public has a right to know.AP journalists across the country routinely file Freedom of Information Act requests to uncover critical information that the government would have preferred to keep secret. State Department, the defendant in a new FOIA lawsuit by the AP seeking documents about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has an average wait time of nearly a year and a half for certain requests. Some laws are antiquated and don’t properly address electronic records, leading to excessive charges (25 cents per page) just to view a public official’s emails or her schedules.And file requests often — not just when you need information on a big, breaking story.

My request for 911 tapes made during the Newtown, Connecticut, shootings — the subject of a lengthy legal fight — revealed how public safety officials responded to one of the worst school shootings in U. Be prepared to fight any denial; don’t “file and forget” the request.

1) Journalists have no time You’re not the only person trying to grab their attention, so your headline needs to be as clear and as early as possible.

Tell them the key takeaway, why they should be surprised and even why they should care, and do it quickly.

Update 19 July 2016: I wrote this article back in 2006 when I was interviewing and writing pretty much all the time and it was based on my experience as a freelance journalist for Wired, Director and Popular Science.

I have reviewed and updated it to make it more relevant to the world of content marketing which is what we do now.

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