Telecom liquidating

We provide full disclosure of all companies in liquidation.You can find out the company name, company number, location and even total fixed asset details. H) is a telecommunication company that has been in liquidation since November 2009.It was a digital wireless cable, internet service, and web hosting provider.This represents a vital window of opportunity for an investor to step in prior to the businesses being put into administration or liquidation..

Look TV was founded in August 1997 as digital wireless cable provider based in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Traxi served as Financial Advisors to the Plan Administrator.

Traxi provided extensive solvency analyses for each filed subsidiary of this 0 million cruise ship operator that ultimately was liquidated in bankruptcy.

Karol states: “My approach is to avoid slow and expensive processes that enrich the professionals to the detriment of the beneficiaries.

I seek to wind down a trust as inexpensively as possible and quickly make distributions.

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