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The Office of Film and Literature Classification and the Censorship Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs receive complaints each year about teachers showing restricted material to underage students.

There are two types of restricted films: RP(age) films are able to be watched by students under the age on the label BUT ONLY if an adult is with them.

They must give 24-hour notice and should not set Saturday detentions in the weekends immediately prior to or after a school holiday.

Parents cannot object to the detention but may request a change of date if there is a sensible reason, such as a family wedding or participation in a sports event.

However, they should not use lunchtime detention for children who return home for lunch.

Q A pupil refuses repeated requests to stop talking, seizes another child's pencil case and throws it across the room.

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Transposing the situation to a candidate in the UK’s general election is basically impossible; it would send shockwaves throughout British politics.

You may also like to outline what steps you will be taking to mitigate the injury to the public good which the Classification Office identified when assigning the film its restriction.

A Teacher might make the pupil stay behind at break time to finish it off.

Q A group of pupils joke and laugh when they should be getting on with their work. A The teacher might put them all in lunchtime detention but must make sure they will have time to eat.

This is so the adult can support the students in understanding material in the film. R(age) films must not be shown to anyone under the age on the label.

Supplying or showing a restricted film/game or other publication to someone underage is an offence.

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