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If the ink logo is gone, then the range becomes wider.

Most of my CO/solid logo cymbals came with my Vistalite set that I bought in 1988 and they already had a fair amount of patina so I'm pretty confident they are from early to mid 80s.

A note about cracked cymbals: Over time and usage, cymbals can develop cracks for various reasons.

1991 Pre Aged Dry Light Ride (Pinksterboer p147) A Custom series?

1992 Avedis ink added (Pinksterboer p147) 1993 370th Anniversary Series 1994 Laser Serial Number beginning with letters "ID" meaning "94" at 12 o'clock 1995 IE 1996 IF Cursive A at top next to model ink?

Naturally, we try to find the cymbals of the best quality and condition, but often great-sounding cymbals can last a long time with small cracks, especially if they are used with care.

For this reason, we do sometimes sell cracked cymbals, and price them accordingly, hoping that you'll milk every last ounce of music possible out of them.

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